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ONLINE DONATIONS – Please keep in mind that when you pay anything with a credit card through Paypal, there is a percentage deducted from your payment for Paypal. We strive to keep that amount as low as possible, but currently, with Paypal, 2.2% +$.30 of your donation will go to them for service. If you don’t want to support Paypal or the credit card company while supporting us and would like to send a check instead, please use our mailing address as posted to the right. You can also request information at our contact email: Gail’s email is  Be sure to include your contact information.

RECEIPTS – When you make an online donation, a receipt will be emailed to you. At the beginning of tax season the next year, you will receive a charitable donations record from “LOVEM MINISTRIES.” If for any reason you do not receive either a receipt or a charitable donations record, please contact us and we will see that you receive one. Our contact email is, or, as above, just leave a comment here. Be sure to include your contact information.