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Midweek Report from Nicaragua

Here we are in Masatepe, Nicaragua, at Iglesia Bautista Nuevo Horizonte (New Horizon BC). We are half way through the week of teaching English. We have about 150 students with classes at 3-5:30, a realquickmeal, and back in from 6-8:30. They are of all ages.

Today is the first day for the clear presentation of the reason we are here besides English, so pray for us, for Jody Kennedy who will do the main speaking, and for each teacher to be able to give a clear testimony of their experience – we can only do this if our class requests it – “Please, Teacher __, tell us your story….”

We each pray for our students by name, and we are told that most of them have never had anyone pray for them by name. Many of the students in my classes marked their registrations “no church,” which translates no relationship with the One. So the next 3 days are crucial – that they come to class, that their hearts are open, that they will “hear,” and that Life will find them.

You may wonder at my obscure references in this blog. These students, though they live in the country in a small town, are very computer savvy. It is likely they will discover things like our facebooks, our websites, our blogs, etc. So I am purposely discrete,  so as not to offend in any way.

Jody met a man last week in Managua on the street who was a former student. He remembered the face but not the name. It is significant what he said to Jody. He did not say thank you for teaching me English, but he said, “Thank you for showing me J.” Jody said he was pretty much a puddle after that. We all hope that is our real effect here.

Another student recently wrote on his final survey after classes were finished, “Thank you for teaching me English and showing me J. I prayed the prayer. I did it!”

That is why we are here.

In Tent-making Mode This Week

Pray for us this week (Jan. 24-28) because we are in coaching school. Both of us are attending a coaching training and certification offered by the Tarrant Baptist Association. This will be Gail’s first training and my second certification in life coaching. For me it will be a brush up on all the skills, since my previous certification was in 2006, so I’m looking forward to it. For Gail, it will be a new world in some respects, but in others not so much – she often sits in with me when I work with couples or women and so is familiar with what coaching is. But we figured that this would be a great opportunity to give her a certification and some specific hands on skills. to go with her excellent instincts and experience.

We don’t know where this will take us. We do know that “tent-making” is partially how we are to support ourselves in our missions work. Anyway, pray for us both this week at “coaching school.” Everything at this point is following the path that God sets in front of us.

Learning Some Spanish?

Please pray about whether we should go to some kind of Spanish language training as a part of our getting ready for further more in-depth work in Nicaragua. See the post “Language School” under Growing with Us! for more information on this.

December 2010 Prayer Needs

  • Gail’s health as she recovers from esophageal surgery and gets her strength back
  • Clear doors to open with mission organization that we are supposed to work with.
  • I am no longer employed as of January 1, 2011, so will spend January and February structuring and building the ministry foundations. Need lots of prayer.
  • Financial support – we hope to be full-time by mid-year
  • Medical Insurance will disappear in March, 2011. We need answers as to how to proceed with that. We have no desire to pour money into expensive insurance, but certainly, this Fall’s medical experience has been instructive to both of us, neither of whom have ever darkened the door of a hospital for illness or injury.