Jody Sharing the Gospel at the Sunday Celebration in Managua

Our most active commitment is with Jody Kennedy International. Jody and Trisha Kennedy have developed a method of relational evangelism through Teaching English. Gail and I have been very impressed with their material and their methods. We have some background in this as Bob taught ESL to international students for a number of years and so is familiar with the field. The exciting thing about the Kennedys’ methods is that anyone can, with a small amount of preparation, effectively teach English with their methods. The only real prerequisite is speaking English. It’s really that simple. Their materials and their approach allows each teacher to develop close relationships with their students in such a way that it opens the doors to sharing spiritual truths with them. Check out their website at We plan to accompany them on as many of their trips in 2011 as finances allow. They minister currently in Nicaragua and Russia, as well as accomplishing servant missions in Germany every year.