Gail & Bob have almost 37 years in the ministry. Bob has served as Pastor, Associate Pastor, Director of the Counseling Center, Interim Pastor, Elder, Minister of Administration, Minister of Education, and very early on, Ministry to Students. We both met the Lord in Spokane, Washington, while Bob was serving as an Air Force Survival Instructor. He served in his first pastorate there. Since then he has served as pastor in Kingsville, Texas, and as an Associate Pastor and Elder in Ft. Worth. His spiritual gifts are Teaching and Administration. Gail’s spiritual gift is prophecy. Bob’s life purpose is to give a cool drink of water to whomever God brings into his life. As such, Bob is a certified life-coach, pastoral counselor, and  teacher. Gail’s  life purpose is to be a rock in the storms of life. As such she is much sought out by women who are experiencing high velocity winds in their lives. She is a skilled listener and minister of the good news. Both our hearts have been drawn into missions since 2009, and we will endeavor to be as full-time in serving as missionaries wherever  God places us as He allows us to be. For the time being, B0b is immersed in the work in Uganda, and Gail still travels to Nicaragua to minister evangelism through English training with Jody Kennedy International.