We made it to Dubai. It is 11:30 pm here and our flight is at 2:30 am, but fortunately, it’s directly into DFW. This is the last checkpoint. All our carry-on bags made it through. The only remaining choke point is the thermal scan as we go through the departure gate to enter the plane. It is designed to pick out anyone with a fever. They’re only scanning US flights, I read somewhere. So once we get our selves plopped down and strapped into the seats on the plane, we are home free –or  16 hours later, at least.

We left a ton of people standing without seats in Entebbe. I still marvel that we were able to get seats. The agent who checked us in told us that they overbooked all the flights, so, of course, they were not only swamped, but they were swamped with people who had no seats and no options after midnight. I’m not sure what they’re thinking when they purposely overbook though the airlines probably weren’t expecting the government to close the airport. We literally walked through the crowd of waiting westerners to the ticket booth. Some were arguing with the airline staff loudly and belligerently – I think a flight got cancelled. There were many cancelled flights listed on the departures and arrivals board, leaving more people stranded.

The embassy in Kampala, whom I notified of our situation, sent a mass email that says they have made a deal with the government of Uganda and with Qatar Airlines to run one or two special flights into the airport on Wednesday, March 25. Of course, it will arrive empty since no one is allowed in by air, land or water. The passengers will be required to pay for tickets and be taken to Doha in Qatar where they will then have to purchase other tickets home to the US. In the meantime, they get to travel around even more in Virus Land. We spoke to some who cannot get a ticket into their own city, so they are looking for any US city, and then they’ll rent a car and drive home. That so could have been us!

Again, I can’t believe we are sitting in Dubai waiting to board a plane right into DFW, only 30 minutes from our home. This is due only to the very God Whom we are trying to make famous in Uganda! And our grateful appreciation goes out to so many of you who have had conversations with Him on our behalf during this last week.

Breaking news…We just got rounded up and walked around the airport through the Galleria-style mall that is their amazing concourse. About 250 people were lined up and ordered to walk single file past what apparently was a thermal imager – a uniformed person sitting behind a small camera-like device on a tripod. It felt like those WWII movies where the prisoners are being marched along, and some are singled out for “special treatment.” Someone close behind me was separated out and dragged off screaming down a side corridor by huge, burly guards and we’ll never see them again – I might be exaggerating a bit, but hey, I’m playing at journalism here. But I’m not so much kidding…I was actually scared…very weird experience: “Will they pick me, please don’t let them pick me….”

Now we’re back at the gate waiting for our flight which is apparently boarding in about ten minutes.

We’re getting close to being able to relax….Oh, let me post this, boarding now.