We have arrived in Uganda for our first trip in 2020. It’s hard to believe we have been doing this as long as we have, since 2011, and that now we actually seem to know what we’re doing…sometimes. Our time of cultural adjustment is short as muscle and brain memory kicks in – it sure is helpful to have some experience.

Already we have received several calls welcoming us to the country. One of our teachers, whom we are training for LVBI, said on the phone, “It is so good to hear your voice.” Very heart-warming! We are also greeted with a flurry of emails to “Bob and Mummy Gail” from those who have access.

One interesting point of reception for us was the guesthouse where we normally stay in Bugembe. They remember us now because we use them frequently, and they always prepare the room with special little niceties that, in the past, we had to ask for. There are two towels, not just the normal one we get everywhere else and have to go ask for the second. There is now always an extra sheet for the bed – we have found that the sheets and the mattresses never match sizes, so the sheets always come off the edges every time you move. So we have developed a strategy of requesting an extra sheet and, using two sheets on the bottom, we put them on sideways – this always allows enough tucking room so the sheets stay on the mattress, and we no longer wake up sleeping on a bare mattress in the morning. This sounds small but every little nicety is much appreciated as we’re re-acclimating to the culture.

The greatest adjustment for us each trip continues to be the temperature. We left Texas on Monday still needing a jacket, and intermittently a heavy coat the week before as the weather shifted back and forth. As a matter of fact, we read just this morning that Texas is currently experiencing a wind-chill of 20 F. We arrived here to t-shirt weather, right on the equator and the shore of Lake Victoria, so the 90+ F heat is heavy with humidity, and so are we!

That project that we raised funds for is going on at this moment and we are awaiting the results. Thanks to all who supported this need.

The country here remains green and beautiful as always, the bread-basket of Africa. However, the rainy season this year (Sept –Oct, 2019) was unusually and unhealthfully heavy, and, as the crops were badly affected, we expect to find famine in the village areas. Prices seem to be reflecting that already. Pray for these people in these difficult circumstances.

Please pray for our greatest challenge this trip: an evaluation of possibly beginning ministry to the 1.2 million Sudanese refugees clustered in refugee camps at the northern border of Uganda. We have been invited to go there to meet with the leaders of the churches in the camps in late March. We need to see what God intends by sending us in this direction, for us personally and for the future of our ministry here. Exciting times as the Holy Spirit continues to lead.

More to come…