Teaching a five day on Hermeneutics and Hearing God.

There are so many things to report, but instead, I’m going to say this. Since the beginning of this trip, God has been…what is the proper word…bugging us, teasing us, enticing us with a certain place that we have not yet gone to in Uganda. It is a place called Gulu and it is in the north of Uganda, farther north than we currently are. Every day it has been “Gulu this,” and “Gulu that,” from all manner of sources – the newspaper, the TV in the restaurant, the casual word dropped into a conversation about something entirely other than Gulu, a chance meeting with someone from Gulu, and so on, and so on. It has been impossible to escape the “Gulu’s.”

He has not stopped whispering “Gulu” to us since the first days of this trip when we thought it only an oddity because we have never been there and don’t even register where it really is. Now, whenever we hear it almost daily, my eyes turn toward Gail and she is looking quizzically at me to make sure I heard it too. We cannot count the number of times this has happened in among the busy-ness of this particular trip.

Now we are in Kaberamaido, a town that sits squarely in the middle of a region in central north Uganda. We have a busy teaching schedule of five days this week and five days next, and five days the week after that. Right now we are probably as close to Gulu as we are going to get on this trip. The meeting at Kaberamaido has a different feature to it. Apparently, it is centrally located enough that many people travel from quite far to attend the teaching. The count today, and it is climbing each day, is 74 out-of-town people staying overnight in the three cooperating churches. Our total attendance is hitting ninety – I can scarcely believe these numbers because that means 74 out of 90 people are from out of town. This is extremely unusual for us.

So can you tell where I am going yet? When exactly did my eyes seek out Gail’s eyes today, do you think? Perhaps it was when Alfred brought a pastor up to meet us on the break. “This pastor is from the region near Gulu. He is asking if you can bring this teaching to his area.”

It is another 135 miles further NW from where we are now to Gulu. We cannot go this trip, but upon God’s insistence and provision, apparently we are going there next trip!

Yes, God, we are listening.

I think I am beginning finally to understand Paul’s missionary trips, when he says God allowed him to go here, or God prevented him from going there. This seems to be the way He often does it.