Off the Grid till April 22

We are leaving the grid now foe a week on the island of Buvuma in Lake Victoria for pastor training. There is no access to internet on the island, so I will check back in one week from today. We have had a very busy two days of preparation since we lost an entire day in travel (see previous post). So we are breathing hard and now standing at the ferry station waiting for the ferry to Buvuma.

I am taking this brief moment to inform our readers of our situation for prayer and to explain the next week’s silence. We passed a boy lying in the road after being hit by a car yesterday on the way back from errands in Jinja. We could not stop for reasons I will try to share in a future post, but there was a large crowd gathering there anyway. This incident has disturbed us, and once again made us deeply aware that we are in a foreign culture, far from home, and this restricts us in ways we might not be at home. We haven’t heard whether the boy died. He was a teen who was evidently crossing the very busy road. I did not see a vehicle stopped, so it was a hit and run, which is normal in Uganda.

Out of time. Pray for us. We’ll talk next week.