I have been asked several times if there is a way to put a map on my posts so people can know where I am in Uganda. This is a project I have put off because it requires finding a decent map of Uganda with just enough information to show my journeys, but not so much that the information gets lost in the graphics – this is actually harder than it sounds because a map that looks great in large format does not look so clear when you scrunch it down to fit in a post. I think I’ve found such a map. It has one drawback, though, in that it doesn’t show the islands in Lake Victoria. But I think we’ll start there and improve as we go – better to get started than continue to stall just because it isn’t perfect.

The map I’m showing here shows the locations I have at some time taught church-planting since I began this adventure in 2011. You’ll have to imagine big islands when the circles are out in the lake – that would be Buvuma Island on the east side south of Jinja, and Bugala Island on the west side near Masaka. Both islands are large and full of people.

This second map is a blowup of the area I’ve spent my time in so far this trip visiting church-plants and interviewing pastors. It is a small area on the map, but a lot of driving on unpaved roads out away from the towns – it’s called getting a Ugandan massage.

The third map is my weekend – Saturday 133 miles to Soroti and back on pretty good roads to arrange meetings in April with the pastors there; Sunday on to Buvuma Island (which this map does show) for 10 days of a five-day Bible Institute where I will teach Homiletics and several days of visiting church-plants. During that time we will be blacked out because there is no network for internet available – off the grid – but, maybe an opportunity to stay in a new guesthouse that has recently been completed. The bishop is working on that as I write this. Let’s hope his negotiation is successful.