For those of you who are following the James story, here is the latest report from Uganda on our recently rescued hearing impaired boy. Alfred, my assistant in Uganda, and I had agreed that since we didn’t know the school very well where we were boarding James, at first we would visit each time money was needed for a new term at the school. That way Alfred could have “eyes on” the care James was receiving and on the school and his progress there. Later, we agreed, we could work out a more economical way to get the funds to them than traveling there to literally hand them the money for his care. But for now, we wanted to be able to evaluate “on-site.” So Alfred agreed that he would make the trek to Mbale of 2-3 hours or more, depending on his transportation, which would have to be by bus or by taxi.

The school is now in recess during the latter part of August and so Alfred made his pilgrimage yesterday and has sent me an up-to-date report on James. I want you to hear it from Alfred’s own mouth, so here is his email received just today: [FYI Catherine is the head of the deaf department at the school and the woman whom James has most bonded to]

“Successfully meet James yesturday, very healthy,  excited and so happy upon seeing me, jumped and gave me an unusual hag. I was able to know it is un usual because he had not hagged me until yesturday. He then gives me gestures which i was not understanding but i asked catherine to interprete them for me, and this is what he was meaning ‘Is Bob with you, have you left him in the mbale restaurant so you have come for me to go and meet him to have some chicken where is our vehicle etc.

He then runs direct to his metalic box gets every thing out at a terrible speed until he finds what i later realised was his test papers, he shows them to me, he tries to explain to me though i was only able to understand a few of them, at some moment my conversation with him was hindered coz of not understanding all his gestures, one story to another endless story.

Thanks to God for using meade international to restore James future.

Catherine is happy too with James and i could tell from the observation on how they were relating that Cathy filled the vaccum that James had, she loves James and James loves her and very free with her than any other teachers in the school, he is very free with her than with other ladies of the school, i could know this coz all of them were seated in the room but he could always go to Cathy when he wanted any thing, or ask, for example at one moment he asked her whether she was having it in mind to prepare tea for Alfred the visitor, i never wanted tea at that moment but i was forced by James to take tea, and i did that.

It seemed James did all this hoping that Alfred has come to pick him take him to the mbale restaurant and meet pastor Bob, where they last had their lunch. So eventually James rushes picks a bensen [?] gets soap to go and have a bath, gets his jelly [deodorant?] which i took for him he smears his body, puts on his new clothes then gets the cap that Pastor Bob gave him last time just ready for the restaurant trip to meet his favorite friend at their usual place, it was a big disappointment to mr James he later realised he was to stay.

Cathy helped me, she told me James likes meat so much, so the only thing to do is for her to go with him to the butcher and purchase some meat then as they depart for beef i leave, and that is exactly what i did to be able come back…


with grtgs, In Him.”

This is truly a wonderful report and demonstrates that James is adapting and is learning language through signs. Now I must figure out how to have his hearing evaluated in Uganda and what to do with that information when I have it, believing as I do that he is able to hear some things in the high range. I will return to Uganda in October and need to have a plan in place by then to take this next step.