Something happened in Uganda in 2014 that I never wrote about, and I want to share with you. We were experiencing an unusual amount of resistance, annoyances, etc. (See

for the story I did write about it at the time.)

As we travelled from Tororo to Mbale in eastern Uganda, about 1.5 hours, the three of us prayed loud and long together about these breakdowns, sicknesses, lost items, and what I tend to refer to as mosquito attacks. Our prayer, frankly, was a bit of complaint mixed with calling on the Lord to intervene on our behalf because we were all tired of the constant pick-pick-pick.

When we finished our prayer, we relaxed into driving silence and watched the scenery as it flashed by. This road enters Mbale from the south, and the city is rimmed on the east side with a huge range of mountains that proceed off into northern Kenya, part of the Mt. Elgon range. A gigantic high ridge of this mountain range dominates the eastern horizon behind Mbale and is visible from many miles away from all directions. As we rode up the southern approach to Mbale, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to take a picture of this impressive mountain from the south, so I dug out my camera and snapped a shot.

I punched the view button and looked at the LCD screen to check out the quality of my picture. The photo was clear and clean, but instead of a mountain blocking the horizon, there was only blue sky descending to a distant flat plain with some trees in the foreground. I stared at the picture in disbelief. I looked at the mountain which obliterated-with-prejudice the horizon I was looking at. I looked back at the photo. As far as the picture was concerned, there was no mountain there. I blinked my eyes to see if it was my vision playing tricks on me. I passed the camera to the pastor who was with us, David Waisana. “David, do you see the mountain in that picture?” He stared at it, not sure what he was looking at – there was no mountain there. He too compared the picture visually with the actual horizon he could see with his eyes.

I took a second picture and produced the exact same effect. My camera did not believe there was a huge mountain blocking the eastern horizon, regardless what our eyes and our knowledge of the geography of the area told us. I was stumped. I have included the picture so you can see it. Do you see a mountain in that picture?


As we continued along the road in confusion, the Lord spoke to me. He said something like, “What you see in the picture is what I see when I look at your many attacks and annoyances. These many irritating little events are like this great mountain to you, but to Me they are as nothing, for I have gone ahead of you, and I am also your rearguard.” Now I sat in wonder, staring at the very obvious mountain off to my right as we drew closer to Mbale.

Later, I snapped this picture of the mountain range from along the same road. Do you see the mountain now? See what I mean?


Isaiah 55:8-9: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”