Some of you may be wondering about the detailed, and I might add overwhelming, process of getting James into the deaf school in Mbale. This post is for you. When we arrived at the school, we were given a gargantuan list of things that had to be provided for him to board at the school before he could register.

We traveled back into Mbale proper and found the large three-story mall at the center of town. Now this was not at all like the mall you’re thinking of – it was more like a huge, multi-layered outdoor farmer’s market-bazaar, only indoors without electricity and light. James in tow, we spent the next 3 hours going from cubicle to shop to kiosk locating and purchasing most of the following items until I began to fear we would never find our way back out of the bowels of this huge building. A few items then had to be located in other stores around town. Here’s the list: [“sh.” means shillings, current rate of exchange 3291 sh. per $1.00]

  • 1 sweater                                                  27,000 sh.
  • 2 pairs gray socks                                     4,000 sh.
  • 2 pairs black shoes                                  55,000 sh.
  • Medium size metal footlocker               35,000 sh.
  • 1 padlock                                                    4,000 sh.
  • 4 rolls t.p.                                                   2,000 sh.
  • 1 jar Vaseline                                             2,500 sh.
  • 2 medium tubes toothpaste                   3,000 sh.
  • 500 kg laundry soap                               4,000 sh.
  • 6 lead pencils                                            600 sh.
  • 4 bars body soap                                      2,000 sh.
  • 1 mosquito net                                          10,000 sh.
  • 2 pairs sheets small                                 26,000 sh.
  • 1 10-litre jerry can for water                     5,000 sh.
  • 1 plate, fork, spoon, cup, wash basin      8,500 sh.
  • 1 mattress                                                     45,000 sh.
  • 1 blanket                                                       30,000 sh.
  • 1 small flashlight                                         2,500 sh.
  • 2 reams paper, 1 doz. colored pencils     22,000 sh.
  • 4 kg. sugar                                                    10,000 sh.
  • 3 bars clothing soap                                    9,000 sh.
  • 1 dozen 48 page composition books        8,000 sh.
  • 5 pairs underwear                                        7,500 sh.
  • 1 double-deck bed to be constructed       200,000 sh.
  • 1 school uniform                                          40,000 sh.

Then back at the school as the sun disappeared behind the horizon, I paid the balance of the fees:

Academic & Boarding Fees for term      250.000 sh.

Discretionary pocket money at office     15,000 sh.

TOTAL       827,600 sh.

This huge number at today’s exchange rate against the dollar amounts to $251.45.

And just so you know God is in this situation all the way, last week, as we were getting ready to leave the island with James, Gail received a donation in the mail for James for…….. wait for it…….$250.00.

Yeah, you read it right. I’m thinkin’ James’ blessed donor really heard from God on this one. It’s just fun to live in the Kingdom of God!