Written Sunday – I am back in Jinja briefly trying to repair various mechanical failures. I left the island on the early ferry Saturday and will return Monday. It has been an interesting trip so far in that we have been plagued with so many equipment issues that I spent most of the five day Bible Training Institute with just a whiteboard and markers though usually I am able to show PowerPoint slides.

It began the second day of our trip out to Buvuma Island in Lake Victoria. We found our car battery dead as a good morning greeting. New battery, no reason, called a mechanic (never know what you’ll get on the island) and no repeats the rest of the trip. Then during the same day, my generator inexplicably melted down – literally melting the motor coils. In working between that and a second borrowed generator from the guesthouse, at some point a surge was created that burned up my computer adapter. So then I was without electricity and without access to my computer where all my notes for the lessons are kept.

Fortunately, for one of the two studies I gave this last week, I had printed out the notes. On the second, I sort of punted from student handouts and other notes. So it has been an interesting week – kind of back to basics. Additionally, Gail is experiencing some household issues that are a little expensive as well without me around to solve them. So it has been a well-rounded attack.

I was grumbling to the Lord on Thursday about all the added expenses, and He pointed out that I was, after all, teaching on Christian Stewardship and Finances, so of course, the attack would come in that area. Suddenly it all made sense to me and I relaxed, knowing that God will be my rearguard, or “has my back” as we say it these days.

I usually get resistance to my Ugandan ministry in the spiritual realm – the “dark side” is so much closer and more out front here than in the U.S. In just this one week alone, I have heard that one of the district government leaders here is a well-known and practicing witch-doctor who recently contributed to the downfall of a prominent Christian leader from the island. Additionally, I was reminded again about the horrors still secretly practiced by African witch-doctors as one man testified of being instructed by one of these sorcerers to go find a child for him to sacrifice so that the local “god” could make him rich. These things defy western belief systems and are shocking to the typical omusungu (white person or westerner), but are quite common here.

All this to say, I am aware of the source of these little annoyances and am putting on the armor more diligently (Ephesians 6) each day.

And all that is why I am unexpectedly back in Jinja for a day or two, and why I am able to add some unexpected blog entries during my visit in the internet zone.