I will be out of internet range for the next two weeks ministering at the Lake Victoria Bible Institute as Bishop Waako is now calling the phenomenon that our little theology school has become out on Buvuma Island in Lake Victoria . So you won’t hear anything from me until about June 21, when I will take the ferry back to the mainland and rejoin society.

Now to be honest, he wanted to call what we’re doing the Jesus Reigns Lake Victoria Bible Institute, or the J.R.L.V.B.I. as he referred to it several times – he even has it in writing, with an address, no less, which is strange because we operate out of a rented hall for five days every four months or so, or when I can manage to get over there. I’m thinking the next time I see him, he’ll be wearing the J.R.L.V.B.I. T-shirt, and sporting new school colors. I think he’s now leaning in favor of the simpler L.V.B.I., but we’ll see.

As we continue to discuss the development of this small beginning, his vision just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Since these isolated people have no local opportunities for any kind of advanced training, the pastors and leaders are flocking to the Institute classes that I am able to infrequently provide.

Since the local government wants to donate land to its development, I ask a lot of questions about how a facility might look, should God continue to move in that direction. The last time I asked the bishop a question like this, he described to me the cattle- raising program the Institute would bring to the islanders. “Cattle-raising?” I asked, somewhat astonished. Yes, just one of many agricultural programs that the Institute will provide for the local farmers.

What can I say? I was asking about providing a few Bibles for the pastors, and he’s training cattle ranchers in his mind already. This charismatic leader of about 300 island churches is a genuine, die-hard visionary. I am a teacher and my mind doesn’t necessarily work that way. But I have to say, the more he talks, the more I believe he might just pull it off someday. After all, I was just teaching Bible studies, and the Magistrate offered to give us land, and now the bishop is planning an cattle-ranching project.

Okay, God. I’m not sure what all You’re doing…but I’ll keep walking forward, or riding this horse, or climbing this mountain, or paddling this canoe, or whatever I’m doing out here in Africa. I’m pretty convinced You’re the only one Who really knows.