I returned to the US from Uganda the day before Thanksgiving. I did manage to stay awake during the celebration the next day until the appropriate time to doze on the couch during the football game after dinner. Here is a summary of my activities on this my third trip to Uganda this year 2014.

I taught:

  • One five-day Bible Institute on Buvuma Island
  • One two-day marriage conference, followed by a wedding for seven pastors
  • One two-day conference in Tororo
  • Two impromptu trainings in Tororo
  • One impromptu training in Mbale
  • Four two-day Leadership Training Conferences in Butiru, Mbale, Lira (North Central Uganda), and Soronko
  • One one-day conference in Bugirid
  • Numerous planning meetings with Bishops, Pastors, and Missionaries

I distributed nearly sixty pairs of glasses to the people on Buvuma Island and subsequently formed a potential partnership with a Ugandan Optometrist in Jinja to minister on Buvuma in the future.

The work on Buvuma Island with the Bible Institute has been so successful that the local political leader offered free land for the construction of a permanent facility. This is relatively unprecedented; I am leaving it to the bishops I work with there to advance this vision. But God is doing a work there!

I visited five new church plants in Tororo and Mbale.

I completed a total of 21 weeks in Uganda this year. Gail completed ten days in total on the field, leading women’s conferences and even speaking to one pastors’ meeting – they had so many questions for her that I couldn’t get the meeting back – it was great!

I trained pastors and leaders this year in Church Planting, Church Planting Follow-Ups with new church plants, Hermeneutics, Spiritual Warfare, Spiritual Gifts, Soteriology, Christian Leadership, Spirit Filling, and Hearing God’s Voice. I now have more invitations than I can manage by myself and am praying for someone to join me in ministry in Uganda.

I fostered five Ugandans economically in business start-ups this year and formed a partnership with a local ministry in Uganda for fostering economic development there.

I have discovered one deaf boy age 9 in an isolated location with little care and no education who needs to be sponsored and moved to a deaf school in Mbale that I located and visited (more on this in a later blog).

This year, my church, Mosaic Fort Worth, has donated glasses, a 3000 liter water tank for a house with 20+ orphans, funds to complete a church building in Bugembe, and economic development funds for one individual.

I met with more American missionaries in Uganda this trip than ever before, and I see fruitful partnerships arising for future work from these new friendships. Through these relationships I was introduced to malnutrition in Uganda and witnessed the ministry there saving lives right in front of me as small children who entered treatment with near-terminal malnutrition were pulled back from the brink of death. One tiny girl named Elizabeth who was unable to walk when I first saw her at the Christco Hospital in Butiru was not only walking by the time I left Uganda but was asking for materials so she could practice her school work prior to returning to her village.

And speaking of hospitals, right now I am now sitting in the hospital with Gail who has just had her second knee replacement surgery this year (12/03/14). As she begins her recovery, we are turning our thoughts to plans for 2015 in Uganda. It has been a busy and a blessed year.