You may remember from last Spring 2014 a story about an accidental visit to a witch doctor’s home. So this is another follow-up story, since I visited the same region and the same pastor again during this trip, though I was not working anywhere in proximity to this particular area. The link for you to review is

You may remember that the witch doctor’s wife had begun receiving dreams of a man suffering on a cross and went to the church members to ask them what it meant. Well, this witch doctor apparently became very sick over the summer and almost died. At the depth of his distress, he asked a church to come and pray for him. This was not the church he had been troubling all this time, the one in his own community that he continually threatened, “You will never have a successful church in this community.” He asked another church nearby to pray for him. He has now recovered.

What is the result of this experience? He has never spoken politely or smiled at any church member from this church in his own community which was started by our pastor friend seven years ago. He has crossed the road to avoid them, cursed them, scowled at them, etc. However, now, when he meets one along the road, he smiles, greets them, even chats with them. Now you might remember that this is a powerful witch doctor with a dreaded reputation for causing the deaths of many people, so the church members are not sure this change of behavior is an improvement as they are still frightened of him. However, his demeanor has radically shifted towards this church he has opposed all these years.

Pastor Enoch told me that they were having a meeting among the leaders one evening in the church building and were sitting near the front having a discussion. This witch doctor suddenly peered in the door at the back, then slipped in and sat quietly and thoughtfully in the last row for some time before slipping back out into the night. The leaders noticed him of course, but they are very hesitant to address him directly, so no one spoke to him to find out why he was there. For him to even enter a church building was monumental.

So please continue to pray for this man and his wife for salvation. God is doing work here, as we know from the way He stopped our car in front of this man’s house last Spring. It is only a matter of time, I think, before I will be writing another update, and one with much joy. Pray for his ability to leave behind the darkness in which he has lived all his life. Pray for someone bold enough to sit with this man and lead him to Christ. By the way, if you understand this prayer, please wear your armor (Eph. 6:10-18). There are those involved with this man who will not appreciate our prayers.

(I considered putting a picture of a Ugandan witch doctor in this blog, but decided that glorifying such a person would not be a good idea. Many of them are even currently involved in child sacrifices out among the outlying villages. They are not to be taken lightly.)