As this trip to Uganda winds down, my last teaching ministry yeasterday was in a little town call Bugiri (Boo-gee-ree). For background of the first time I taught in Bugiri last March, see I was edified to see that the church – which only began in January – had grown much since last March and in fact had moved to a larger space where they are again renting.

When I was teaching here last March, there was a teenage girl present who was so weak that she couldn’t stand consistently, but lay on a mat on the floor, and would often mewl or groan aloud even while I was teaching. Her mother had brought her to the one-day meeting because she couldn’t leave her alone and wanted to attend the teaching. Her groans concerned me so much that I asked what her difficulty was. They told me that this girl, who was gaunt and visibly sick, had been to the doctors many times, but they could not diagnose any problem. She had been in this deteriorating condition for months and could no longer attend school, but was confined to home and mostly to her bed, too weak to move around or sit upright for very long. In truth, she was so thin and drained that I took her for at least late twenties and was surprised when they told me she was a teen.

At the end of the meeting, I suggested to the Pastor that we gather the leaders and pray for this girl according to James 5:14ff. I explained that the oil was a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and that it was Jesus Who would do the healing if He chose to intervene in this situation through our prayers. I also explained that the teaching of James 5 is clear, and that the church has this ministry to give and that it doesn’t cost anything to give it freely and often. So they agreed to pray for this girl.

After explaining this to the girl, we gathered around her with her mother, anointed her head with oil, laid hands on her head, and prayed as we felt led. Some prayed against demonic attack, some asked for healing, some for protection for her, some for restoration, etc.

Yesterday, when we came to the lunch break, the pastor asked for testimonies before the break. I didn’t think much of it because this is a frequent request during their services. A strong looking girl in a school uniform came forward and began to testify how she had been afflicted by evil spirits for months and months almost to the point of death, but that she had been healed the last time this musungu, indicating me, had visited the church when the leaders prayed for her. It was Martha, the very girl who had been so sick. She was unrecognizable to me, not at all the same

Look at this healthy young girl! Not at all the sickly young woman we prayed for last March. A Testimony to Jesus the Healer!

Look at this healthy young girl! Not at all the sickly young woman we prayed for last March. A Testimony to Jesus the Healer!

person that she had been just eight months ago. She said the sickness left her shortly after she received the prayer, and she grew stronger every day, and finally was able to return to school. She was now this strong looking, happy, teenage girl standing before me.

Here is her picture. Rejoice with me in the abounding grace of the Lord Jesus!!!

The pastor told me afterward that many people have come to the church upon hearing this girl’s testimony. And this is what I mean by church-planting….