I’m off to Uganda for my third trip this year.. It’s been an inspiring year so far from witch-doctors (see http://wp.me/p1ffcP-fn – “All Things Work Together for Good”) to by-the-road conversions to fire-fighting (see http://wp.me/p1ffcP-fG – “Terror in Tojwe”). I held the first Buvuma Bible Institute, strengthening the church leaders on Buvuma Island with intensive teaching for five days. I will continue that his trip with another Institute of five days to take them a little further. We covered Leadership and Hermeneutics (How to Interpret the Bible) last time. This time I’ll cover Soteriology (The Doctrine of Salvation) and Spiritual Gifts.

Additionally, I have been invited through a missionary to minister to a new group of churches that are centered in the Mbale area in Uganda, as well as having a presence in other nearby countries. I will teach in four separate areas with them in Uganda and renew my acquaintances with the leaders I met last Spring on my trip there. During this time I will be in three areas in northeastern Uganda that I have not visited before, and will travel the farthest north that I have yet made it – exotic sounding places like Soronko, Lira, and Butiru This new group of churches is the Chrisco Fellowship of Churches and gives us an opportunity to reach a whole new part of the Kingdom with our church-planting and building up ministry, so Gail and I are very excited.

I will also continue my economic development program, which seeks to help Ugandans become self-supporting. I work with a local organization in the Jinja area to facilitate that work. So far this program is experimental but hopeful.

So it’s been a very profitable year in the Lord. I am achieving my P1100175goal of going three times, and by the time I return just at Thanksgiving, I will have spent almost 20 weeks in Uganda this year.

Other Notes:

  • If you’re not reading this report from my blog, remember that you can subscribe at meadeinternational.org and follow me as I report directly from the field with actual experiences on the “missionary road.” I will only have one nine day black-out period this trip during the time I am on Buvuma Island which has no internet access. So I should be able to send reports consistently.
  • Here’s some pix of some fellas we met along the road last trip to the Mbale area – we did not get out of the car to talk to them for obvious reasons. Baboons – can be very dangerous.
  • Pray for me that I avoid any of the disease areas – Uganda is not on the travel advisory list at this time, may it continue to be so! And please pray for Gail who has to stay home this time which is very hard on her…
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