We are finally back to the city of Jinja in Uganda after three weeks on Buvuma Island, Uganda, in Lake Victoria. This is the first internet we have had in all this time. Most of the time, even cell service was iffy. Theweeks went by quickly for us and the ministry kept us very busy.  Since this is the first time in weeks I have been able to post, I will post here a list of moments from the trip, many of which I will write full blogs about in days to come.

  • Often gorgeous sunsets on the island.
  • Sat across from witch doctor woman on the ferry, praying spells for water safety all the way. Must have been pretty nervous about the crossing!
  • A woman confessed her back-slidden condition in one of Gail’s women’s meetings. Gail’s response: Are you ready to get right with Him now? She was…she did.
  • Interrupted by a big fire in the village where we were teaching last Friday, pop. 650-1,000. We rushed outside to see flames 30 feet in the air. We fought the fire shoulder-to-shoulder with the villagers for an hour to stop it from spreading to the whole village, then went back to the teaching.  28 homes destroyed. Very sad. Very close.
  • A glasses ministry is in our future, so you all save those used reading glasses for donation to needy Ugandans. These islanders have the same eye problems we do, but no access to services or resources. Many are unable to read their Bibles for want of simple reading glasses.
  • I was asked to perform a wedding for an 85 year old (??) pastor who has never married, but is now taking a companion. Most of the Island pastors were present, and we had a very joyful celebration. I have never seen a more content bride as she finally got her man.
  • Unable to achieve a successful cell signal to the US to talk to Gail, I became very familiar with the “mountain” just behind our first week’s teaching location. I climbed it twice a day to get high enough to “reach out.” Fortunately, we mostly climbed it in the car, but I did climb it on foot twice.
  • As soon as Gail arrived on the island to the adulation of the islanders, I was informed by a Ugandan pastor that she is prettier than I. I already knew this, though. BTW, his low command of English phrased it, “She is better than you,” but I knew what he meant…I think.
  • A Ugandan pastor came up to us on a break, embraced both of us and said, “We love you so much. Thank you for coming,” then walked off literally cackling with joy! Very infectious laughter…
  • On that note, we had a wonderful experience of difficult testing on the island that resulted in me “seeing” the Lord seated on His throne chuckling over us – ALSO infectious laughter.
  • Deeply humbled by the last two Church Planting conferences! Two groups of over fifty each boated in from distant and isolated islands, some as far as the border of Kenya, to sit under this teaching. The cost: 8-10 hours in the boats, some arriving at midnight after hours on the water in pitch darkness. Only to be repeated on the return voyage.
  • Each boat I witnessed leaving from the beach at the end of the conferences was bailing full pails of water from the bottom of the boats by the time they had gone only twenty meters from the shore!
  • We were humbled by the islanders deep commitment to travel so far under such conditions to be with us, after we griped (just a little) about traveling the long distance to the village over such bumpy, narrow, washed-out roads. Come to find out when we did the mileage check the end of that week, the distance to the village, which seemed appallingly far, was only 3.5 miles. Wimps. Humble wimps, but wimps.
  • A lady came to us and related that the Lord showed her in a vision that I was the musungu who would take her over to America with him. Upon questioning, she revealed that she had nine children and no apparent reason to go to America. I am now punching breathing holes into my suitcase and waiting for Him to tell me…