This trip to Uganda has been “haunted” by a series of minor attacks which by themselves amount to little, but added together measure up to a lot of distraction, disruption and annoyance. Missionaries come to recognize this dynamic in Africa and Asia as the hand of the Enemy resisting us. Frequently, it is like a swarm of mosquitoes or gnats buzz-bombing you constantly.

The computer shut down for no understandable reason in the middle of the slide presentation, then was fine immediately after lunch; then the projector inexplicably ceased to function in the middle of the afternoon session, then worked fine when I returned to the guesthouse where I am staying. Note that I have never had a single problem with any of this equipment before. Simultaneously, all of our families are under attack – my wife in Texas had the fence suddenly blown down; the driver’s family back in Jinja was suddenly evicted from their apartment and had to move to new living quarters; my other team member’s wife became so sick that she had to travel all the way to Kampala (100 miles) to the hospital to see a specialist; and the mother of the pastor where we were teaching went into the hospital with typhoid the second day of the conference. On top of all that, my typically very healthy grandson back in Texas, who is sixteen, even has pneumonia right now as I write this.

Finally, the car, which has performed wonderfully till now, developed a terrible noise in one of the wheels and had to be driven an hour back down the mountain to a mechanic in the city, where fortunately, the small problem was repaired quickly but expensively. This was the first day of the two day conference, and I was carrying four pastors to this conference when the problem first developed. At one point just as we entered the village, the noise became so loud that we even stopped the car on the tiny rural road we were negotiating to examine the wheel. Unable to see anything that could be causing such screeching, I asked the pastors to pray over this wheel and suggested to them that they include spiritual warfare in their prayer because of all the attacks we were under.

These things all occurred within a span of five days, something new each day. There are other small annoyances added to all this that I won’t take time to list, but let me confess that it has been trying to all of us. Something doesn’t want us in Mbale and Tororo and is resisting our presence.

On the second day of the conference in Mbale, as we drove the two hours to the conference location outside the city, we prayed long and loud that God would intervene on our behalf. During this time, the Spirit directed me finally to Romans 8:28 – “All things work together for good to them who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” I felt that we should claim this verse for all of these attacks, and we began to implore the Lord to show us the good that will come from all these negative things.

That afternoon, after we closed out the conference and were chatting with the pastor, he said to me, “I was amazed when you stopped the car yesterday and asked us to pray against Satan. I was astounded because you had never been to this village before, yet you stopped directly in front of the witch doctor’s house, and we all got out in the road right there in front of his home and prayed to bind the enemy. This witch doctor has troubled the church much and is very famous in this region. People come to him from far away to receive his magic. It was very wonderful to see the Holy Spirit speak to you in this way before you had even arrived at our church for the first time.”

Okay. So I’ll take that as the beginning of the good that comes out of all this! Amini (Amen), as they say here! Come on, Lord, show me some more!!

I questioned the pastor further about this witch doctor, and he said that since the church came to this village seven years ago, his power has decreased a great deal, but when he was in his full strength, many people died from his curses. But now his wife is having dreams about Jesus Christ on the cross, and she comes to the church members to ask them what the dreams mean. So one sees the strategy of the Spirit in this situation. If you have your armor on (Ephesians 6:10ff), please pray for this deceived little man who serves the enemy of our souls and for his wife that they will come to know Jesus as Savior. They live in the village of Busambe in the mountainous region outside of Mbale.