As you read this, Gail is aboard an Emirates Airline aircraft on her way to Dubai. She will spend a night in Dubai, and then fly out Saturday morning for Entebbe where I will meet her and take her back with me to Jinja here in Uganda. We have been graciously invited to stay in the home of a local pastor for the two weeks remaining of my six week trip. We expect this to be a great cultural experience as well as a great help to our budget.

This will be Gail’s first trip to Uganda and she is excited. I am excited to show it to her.

Hopefully, at the same time as we are picking her up in Entebbe, we will be closing on the purchase of a vehicle in Kampala. This vehicle will be shared by four different mission organizations in Uganda and will save hundreds of dollars of mission funds for each of us in our diverse callings. I am church planting, another is providing clean water and hygiene, another computer services in remote non-profits. The fourth is a Ugandan mission organization that trains Ugandans to become self-supporting through entrepreneurial enterprise. So this vehicle will serve a many-faceted ministry in Uganda and save much money that would otherwise be spent on rented vehicles.

So Saturday looks to be a very busy day. Please pray with us that all will go smoothly with Gail’s travel and with the vehicle purchase, and that these two events will synchronize well so that we are not stuck for hours in Kampala filling out paperwork. This venture has taken much planning and coordination and now it is finally coming to fruition.

There is a lot going on here in Uganda with my work, and I am busy five days a week teaching in the villages and preaching in a different church each Sunday. I have not written as much lately because I have been so tired getting in at night that I go to bed early, then get up the next morning and do it again. The work is amazingly great. I now have contacts that could extend the church planting training that we are doing into Kenya, Rwanda and Nigeria. Understand, I am not seeking that advance beyond Uganda, but these contacts are seeking me out.  I continue to stand amazed to see His hand at work! I’m doing my best just to keep up with Him.

More later…