I rarely use this space to fund-raise, but if you believe in what I’m doing here, you might be interested in this. Currently, I must rent a vehicle in order to get around in Uganda. This is quite costly, as you can imagine, taking funds that could well be spent on more useful purposes while I am here.

Recently, I fell into a conversation with another missionary whom I met last trip here at the hotel.   We got to be friends during that time. We continue to talk by Skype sometimes about mission-related things here in Uganda. A common need we have is a vehicle while we’re here. One thing led to another, he did some networking, and so far we have four mission organizations that would like to jointly purchase and share a vehicle for work in Uganda.

This is an amazing opportunity to save money and use God’s resources in the best kind of stewardship possible. The vehicle would be used only for mission work and would be maintained and kept secure by a local Christian teacher in Bugembe, whose integrity and reputation I have checked out thoroughly.

Here is a very brief rundown on the four organizations that would contribute to the purchase and share the usage:

  • God’s Mercy – Local mission in Bugembe that helps Ugandans set up entrepreneurial ventures  in order to move from subsistence to self-support. http://godsmercy.webs.com/
  • REMCU Radio Email Connections Unlimited – Places internet and email technology into impoverished non-profits in third world countries like schools and agricultural cooperatives for the purpose of advancing their access to needed resources and communication. Here is an interesting four-minute youtube video about REMCU’s work which mentions our vehicle project at the very end – http://youtu.be/q_uVSayANwchttp://www.remcu.org
  • GARD Grassroots Assistance in Rural Development – A non-government organization dedicated to assisting others in developing countries through clean water and education programs. http://gard.ca
  • Meade International – Building up the Church and Planting New Churches, Uganda, India and Nicaragua, in partnership with ICE (I Care Enough International Ministries) http://www.iceintlministries.com/.

If the Lord should move you to participate in this venture, remember that a little goes a long way in Uganda. You can donate directly through this website using the link at the bottom, or send a check to Gail (inquire in Comments for address information).