Written Sunday, 9/29/13 – I preached this morning in a church I had visited last trip in March – Bugembe Christian Worship Centre of Peace. They occupy a rented space and are being “forced” to move so that the landlord can erect a bar in its place. The pastor introduced me to his landlord the other day.

Considering who we both are, the conversation was fairly predictable. He told me that if I would pay for the land, the church could stay there. This attitude – that all musungus have money – is due to training by over-generous westerners who have used their money to make Ugandans dependent on the charity of the West, though I’m sure this is not what they intended. So this bold suggestion was the first thing the landlord said to me as he shook my hand, not batting an eye.

My part of the conversation first determined that this landlord claims to be a Christian, and then gently pointed out that perhaps he needed to think about his spiritual responsibilities in this matter – a bar for a church? He said I was right and that maybe he would come hear me teach or preach (this, of course, I easily recognized as a snow job, and he hasn’t shown up yet though I have been in the church for several days teaching).

Today, as I went to teach this church the principles of church planting because they want in the midst of all this to plant churches too, the “bar next door” had a group of women “manufacturing” a grain-based beer in basins not 25 feet from the door of the church. An alcoholic man in a torn and dirty suit (whom I am told is the brother of the landlord) spent the morning sleeping on a bench that rests against the side of the church building. At one point after our lunch, he stumbled in through the door looking quite angry, exchanged some Lusoga words with the group I am teaching, then turned and stumbled out. When I asked what that was about, they said he had thought we were talking about him.

Unfortunately, this small church now must begin mobilizing for a very difficult and expensive re-location. This is the same pastor and wife I have previously spoken of, who have 19+ orphans, rescued from the street, living permanently in their home. Please pray for them provision, mercy and a new location that will glorify Him, light in the darkness.

(Oh, yes, you will hear more about the orphans…..)