I have been here 9 days and can hardly believe all that is happening. I have made very positive face to face contacts in this short time with three different church-planting opportunities.

  • One is among the pastors in the Jinja area whom I met with near the end of my trip last Spring. I held a conference with them this last Wednesday about church planting and though we had 26 pastors in March, we had over 40 this time.
  • I have also had the opportunity to meet with an older pastor/overseer who has planted 11 churches in a district about an hour out of Jinja, and who regularly meets with his pastors to disciple them. We traveled together to one of his churches and met the pastor and agreed after talking that we need to do a 2 day church planting conference there. As of today they have 80 pastors signed up to attend this conference on October 9-10.
  • Then I met out in a village called Kiranga (Chirrannga) in much more isolated area north of Jinja along the Nile River. They have 55 pastors lined up for a 2 day conference next week.

This second contact comes from what the Holy Spirit said to me on my last visit in March as I drove out to see the new waterfalls north of Jinja on the Nile River, created by the new dam. It was my last day and all the work was done, and I had heard of these falls, so I suggested we drive out and see them. I was eP1080387xpecting a short drive, but it turned out to be quite a long distance. As we drove through these rural, isolated communities along the increasingly rough dirt roads, the Spirit kept pointing out the various neighborhoods along the road, and the little churches, and saying that these people don’t often see missionaries, especially about church planting, and that I needed to pray about this area.

So I have been doing that since March, and when I prepared for this trip I told my contact here in Jinja I needed to do a pastor’s conference out among those churches, so find me a contact. When I arrived a week ago last Thursday, my team had found a pastor out in that area to work with, and I met with him and his leaders on Monday in the village. I shared with them what I do regarding church planting, and they told me that they have been praying for God to send someone to teach them about church planting and that it has been a subject of much discussion among the pastors of that area for a long time, but they are so isolated that they rarely get that kind of help.

They said that there are many areas there that have no churches. As we met with this one pastor who is willing to host and help organize the conference, he had 8 leaders present besides himself – 2 elders, their evangelist, one of their teachers, his assistant pastor, and a government official they have won to the Lord, etc. So I was much heartened by this reception.

They are excited, and I am excited. Interestingly, my devotion on Monday morning was Isaiah 55:12 –“For you shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace; the mountains and the hills will break forth before you with singing, and the trees of the field will clap their hands.” As this little group ended our time with a brief season of worship, I felt that this verse was coming alive right in front of me.

I feel like with these contacts, I will have about 5 years of steady work laid out by the end of this trip. And that is just the first 9 days of a six week trip.