We are here in Palacaguina, Nicaragua, teaching English to 150+ adults and another 100 children in four programs per day. We begin at 8 am with breakfast, then drive to the church for our first program with the children at 9:30. Immediately after lunch we teach our first adult session, then another children’s program, then a very quick sandwich dinner, and the final evening adult program until 8:30 pm. When our heads finally hit the pillows, we are out within a minute or so! As usual here, the relationships we form with the students and the other teachers are the most fulfilling part of the work.

Today, we begin the evangelistic presentation, and it is the relationships that will open the door of the heart for each student to receive the moment of choice. Today’s the day the whole program is really about.

On a geographical note, we are very far north in Nicaragua here. We see mountains to the north and east. It is probable that beyond the ridge to the immediate north from our hotel is Honduras. On the map at least – as the crow flies – we are closer to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, than we are to Managua. Of course, this city lies high in the mountains, so the road to Tegucigalpa may actually be much longer than “as the crow flies.”

We are well, with no little bugs attending our digestive systems, enjoying the mountain air and temperatures, and the occasional shower since this is the very beginning of the rainy season. Within a few weeks the rains will come so hard and so continuously that it will be difficult to work, the roads will be awash, especially the unpaved one, and if you have a tin roof, it will be impossible to hear yourself think, let along talk, for the thunderous beating on the roof of the house. This will last through October. We are glad to miss most of that.

Well, off to my next class…