Last Sunday I preached in an Assembly of God church in Nalgonda for the second week in a row. I am getting to know some of the eager faces in the congregation. I finished my sermon and was sitting on the floor on the rug on the men’s side of the room. There is usually about 30-45 minutes worth of activity after the preaching and it’s all in Telegu, the local language, so I rarely know what’s going on during this period.

Suddenly, the pastor was motioning to me and asking me to come back up to the podium. I didn’t have any idea what was happening, but I climbed to my feet and staggered back to the podium – sitting on the hard floor stiffens me up a bit. A woman, his wife it turned out, was bringing a small baby forward. The Pastor was asking me to dedicate their new baby to the Lord! Wow, what a blessing and an honor! I love dedicating babies anyway, but this was really special. So I placed my hand on the head of this beautiful three-month old and prayed a prayer of dedication over Samuel.

Yes, though it’s been a long trip, and I’m anxious to get home (leaving for home the 30th), I’m still having a lot of fun in the Lord!