Here is the church “facility” we taught in the early part of the week. We drove for two hours along poorly kept country roads to reach this village where the c2013-03-18 14.07.59hurch is located.

What you see in the pictures is the front of the pastor’s home. He has constructed a canopy over the “front porch” area, which is reality is the dirt yard in front of his house. Then he has wrapped colorful cloths around the posts to enclose it. He puts rugs on the ground for the people to sit on during the service. This is the sum of his church facility. Under the edge of the cloths on one side where it rides up a bit, we frequently saw the feet of goats or cattle passing closely by on their way to the pasture. Chickens wandered in during our lunch and prowled around the edges of the “room,” sensing that food would be dropped.

There was a six hen “flock” o2013-03-18 11.00.59f guinea hens that seemed to hang close to the house, though they ranged up and down the dirt road next to it looking for food. They were always together, moving in perfect tandem like a team of synchronized swimmers, sometimes even taking a dirt bath together between the the house and our parked car and kicking up a cloud of dust. Their “call” is more highly pitched than the2013-03-18 13.55.29 other chickens that were running about, and so all through the teaching, two days about 6 hours per day, I could hear this little group of six marching up and down, complaining or gossiping, or whatever their cackling means.

When you look at these pictures of the church facility, remember that this church is already discussing planting another church in the next village. Kind of puts my need for AC, PA systems, musical instruments, etc., into perspective…