I was quite surprised and pleased yesterday during the worship service  to hear this unusual moment in African worship. I think it occurred because of some of the teaching I have given about worship and meditation in scripture. The speaker is Geoffrey, the former prison convert and pastor whom I have referred to before.

African prayer can be quite boisterous and often seems like one voice may be competing with another for volume. Here is an example of maturing prayer where the congregation is exhorted to meditate, which I have heard in no other church since I’ve been here, and the result was this very sweet worship moment that is  mostly silence. I think if you listen to the whole 2 minutes or so, you will be as impressed with the quiet presence of God, and you may have a worship moment as you listen. This was quite a different kind of sound in African worship, and again, I am deeply humbled.

Bujjowali Meditation 030313 2mins