As we were leaving Bujjowali yesterday, after visiting the hotel (see “Highlight of the Week #3”), we stopped to revisit a woman who was a church member and has been very sick for much of the last year.

We had stopped at this home with the evangelism team, a group of church members who were walking though the village sharing Christ, two weeks ago to pray for this same woman, whose name is Josephine. At that time she could barely walk and was helped by her family out to the porch to sit where the team could pray for her healing. At the time, I felt quite guilty about getting such an obviously sick woman out of bed so we could pray for her, but I was following the lead of my Ugandan team.

The pastor told me that everyone in the village expected her to die because she had been so extremely sick for such a long time and only getting worse. Yesterday, we parked the car and walked around a house that sits on the front lot to Josephine’s home in back. We were greeted by a  thin, even frail looking woman seated in the grass in front of her home, absorbing the sunlijackfruitght and eating a jack fruit. When she looked up and saw us coming, she lit up the whole yard with the most glorious smile.

1c Jackfruit Jack fruit, you ask? This is a delicious African fruit, but quite a job to eat and enjoy, requiring some strength and endurance because it’s large, and very sticky. Apparently Josephine is feeling better! As I looked down at Josephine, I wondered at first if this was the same woman I had seen just two weeks earlier whom I had laid my hands on to pray for. The pastor said, as we finished our prayer with her and were driving away, that this positive change in her strength, her condition and especially her glad demeanor was “quite a miracle.”

Pray for Josephine – she still has difficulty walking, my guess is from atrophy of her leg muscles from the long illness. But what a glorious smile! I rode the rest of the day on the blessing of her smile alone.

 Joy in Uganda over God’s doings. Signing off for now…