Another highlight of this week in Uganda:

We were “accosted” by a “demonized” man as we were leaving the village and pulling out onto the main highway Monday evening after my first session of teaching at Bugembe, a village outside of Jinja.

Once again, I’m not much concerned what your personal view on this condition is – I am aware that my subscribers share a wide varieties of spiritual perspectives. I’m just trying to tell a story here, so if you need to read “insane chap,” to be comfortable, please do so. The more I see this phenomenon on the field like this, the more I tend to just go with the biblical “demonized.”On with my story…

This extremely dirty, wild-looking man saw me at the car window from about 30 yards away through a crowd of people (remember, my skin really stands out here, and most of us here are Christians with a mission of some kind). I saw him coming, and I watched him weave through the throng that was disembarking from a bus. He came up to within 5 feet of the car very deliberately. Then he leaned back at the waist, and his eyes rolled up into his head until all I could see was an evil grinning glare heightened by the solid whites of both eyes – he was aiming whatever it was directly at me – this was very evident.

Fortunately (?) we were pulling out onto the highway, and as we rolled past him, I said, “Bless you, brother,” from the window as we sped off. I think this was “the evil eye” I have heard about. The event itself was of little concern to me since I am hedged all around by Jesus, but it was an interesting event since it was the first time I had taught in that village, and he seemed so intent on coming some distance to the car and “giving me his gift” perhaps to welcome me. Interestingly, the car had a flat tire the next morning when Samuel came down from his apartment.

Followup: last night, the second night in Bugembe, we were in the same place pulling out onto the same highway, and this same man was crossing directly in front of us. We had to stop the car to let him pass less than two feet in front of us. It was obvious that he didn’t even notice us in any way other than being one of the many cars going in and out of the village. He could see me very well at the passenger window, but without even a blip of recognition or reaction, he merely crossed in front of us and went on his way. Hence the prayer of covering: “Please Lord, don’t even allow Satan to find our footprints….” Or, perhaps, whatever it was in the man had gotten burned so badly the night before and decided it was better to just leave us alone tonight….I am frequently reminded that there are always angels standing by. And of course, was it those “fiery darts” that got the tire as they bounced off my shield…?