Nothing big here, but some highlights of my week while I have some moments to blog. I will share several, but send them separately. That way, they’re easier to read.

We have adjusted our schedule and I am teaching in a new and unexpected place this week, 4 to 7 pm each evening. We are at a church in one of the villages outside of Jinja – Bugembe. I am receiving wonderful feedback from all the teaching – the pastor of this congregation, Pastor David, told me yesterday that some of the women were healed emotionally as I spoke on Monday about patience and godliness and God’s larger purposeChildren Begumbe 2013-02-18 in their lives. Apparently they’ve really been  struggling with faith over some difficulties and trials. My text was “All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose,” Rom. 8:28 – certainly one of the more difficult texts to understand. I am very grateful the Holy Spirit is using my words and experiences with Him to help others.

I preached at this church two weeks ago. It was here that God told me to lay aside my prepared message and preach as He led me about the name that He has given each one of us, which is a study was from Isaiah. It surprised me because I had confidence from my preparation and prayer the night before that my prepared message was a message for the church. But He said to me during the worship time that He preferred to use that day to give a message for each individual believer. Later, He said, we will speak to the church.

And here I am to my surprise, two weeks later, actually teaching in their church just as He said.

 Joy in Uganda. Signing off for now…