I remember this little business from my last trip to Uganda. I get tickled evKagoma International Tertiary Institute of Health, Sciences and Artsery time I see it. I have no idea what they do here – a school of some kind, I think – but their sign is longer than their building. If you look closely, you’ll notice that their sign overlaps a little onto the storefront next door. Give these folks credit – for being way out in the sticks, they have a big vision! It’s the Kagoma International Tertiary Institute of Health, Sciences and Arts. I didn’t see the Primary or Secondary Institutes around there, but they’re probably there somewhere.

I share this just for grins. I’m having a lot of grins here in Uganda, alongside some of the trials, but the Lord shares little bits like this with me, and we laugh together. I think the two Ugandans in the car with me thought I was a little loony when I wanted to stop and take a picture, but that’s okay too.Tertiary Institute 2