This is the testimony of a young Ugandan man named Geofrey. He received Christ in prison and became the prison pastor in just a short time. Samuel Wasula, pastor at Bujjowali, recruited him when he was released about two weeks ago. He is a dynamic young Christian, and he has been attending the teaching in between looking for a job and surviving as a newly released prisoner.

His testimony is a bit long, but it you have time and can deal with the accent, it’s worth it. He sounds a bit halting here as he fishes for the correct English words, but his English is really very good.

Toward the end, he will refer to some prisoners who escaped and were captured and returned – this story is a bit vague, and I don’t have the details, but his point is that when you come to Christ, you are never returned to your former prison.

Additionally, he will refer to Christ as “condemning” him, but what he means is “convicting” him.

This is a fine young man who has come to us from the prison ministry of a local Ugandan pastor whom I haven’t met. I hope to keep him and involve him in the future of the ministry here.

Geoffrey testimony