I haven’t written much lately because I have been dealing with some administrative issues and this has tied up my time. Today, I’ll try to briefly catch up. This morning (Sunday) we drove to Kasimbira,Kasimbira Road1 which is a town I ministered in the last time I was here in 2011. This was the town where I had my first experience “on the ground” in Uganda. We went behind the town and I preached under a tree (very biblical feeling) and then, afterward, was asked to pray for a woman whom they told me was being demonized. Whatever your personal stance on this issue might be (I have many different kinds of readers subscribed), it was a very New Testament kind of experience for me and a great way for God to jump-start me in Uganda.

Today we left early to travel the rapidly deteriorating road to Kasimbira from Jinja. The road is much worse than it was 18 months ago. We spent the entire trip veering to avoid deep pot-holes, or veering onto the shoulder to avoid cars, taxi vans and large trucks who were veering to avoid large pot-holes. The government is beginning work on repairing the road at this time, and we drove through construction zones at both ends of the road. However, in my thinking, perhaps they p2013-02-17 10.10.13ut this project off just a little too long. For instance, I never, ever get car sick, but after today’s hour and a half swerving, bouncing and veering journey each way, I was both nauseous and exhausted.

We did finally arrive at the church in Kasimbira and I preached about the resurrection of Lazarus (John 11), which is an inspiring story at any time. It allowed me to deal with such things as the second coming, the resurrection of the dead, death, funerals, Jesus’ amazing statement, “I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me shall never die.” I was inspired by the story and many came forward, so I guess God had something in mind. Kasimbira Road4

It was a good day, and tomorrow I will expand my teaching to another church and community just in the outskirts of Jinja – Bugembe – and a new pastor I have not worked with before, so this is progress. Hopefully, by teaching every evening from 5-8 pm, I will be able to reach their leadership, who is my target audience for what I am doing here.  More to come as that develops.