Well, God blew my mind today. I’m still in awe. I’ve heard about it, I’ve tasted a small bit of it, Dr. Kenneth Rooks, the head of ICE International has told me about it, Jody and Trisha Kennedy of Practically Speaking English have told me about it, but now I have experienced it. My mind is blown away!

The week started with witnessing in the village where my “students” want to plant a church. This involved walking to the village, going to the individual homes, and sharing Christ. This work has yielded thirteen new believers this week.

Then we ran into some resistance – a lot of small annoyances for many of us on the team, two minor eye problems, a key leader’s wife was suddenly put in the hospital, and he had to leave to take care of her – and our crowd of 7-12 students dropped to five on Wednesday and three on Thursday. Samuel and I continued to teach and encourage, but Thursday (yesterday) was a day of asking the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into His harvest (Luke 10:2) – the five of us literally did this.

Friday arrived and we had a new man with us, Geofrey. His testimony is inspiring – he was saved in prison, became the pastor of the prison church, and has just been released. Samuel scooped him up and brought him to the training in our little center at Bujjawali. So this morning we had 6 students with Geofrey and some others who returned. I had not felt led to a particular scripture for the morning’s devotion and training. As we sat together for the morning meditation in Scripture, God gave me clearly Matthew 16:13-20 – Peter’s confession of Christ as the Messiah. This was a little off our subject area of the week, but I felt the Holy Spirit’s prompting, so I followed.

My approach has been to use scripture passages to teach them how to study and meditate in the scripture (Joshua 1:8), and then to use the same process to teach them how to teach others the Scriptures. So we were chugging along this morning through this section. No one was blowing any horns enthusiasm-wise, and I began to wonder if I’d made a mistake with this passage. Suddenly, one of the students looks out into the yard, and there is a man standing in the yard near the gate, looking hesitant. The student goes to him and talks to him, and they come in and sit down with a brief introduction of names, but no explanations – his name is Innocent. The other Africans are showing him where we are  in the Bible and catching him up on the lesson so far, etc. I assume  he is another member of the church I haven’t met yet who has decided to drop by to see what’s going on, and I continue teaching.

I teach on the confession of Peter and Jesus’ statement that He will build his church upon this rock. I ask, “What is the rock?” One of my students gives the popular answer that the rock is Peter. This leads to a discussion of what the rest of the Bible says about what the church is built on, and eventually to the truth that He built His church on this confession that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, rather than on any single man. Then there is some discussion that the Roman Catholics teach that Peter is the rock. But they can clearly see that this is inconsistent with the rest of the New Testament, that Jesus would not place such emphasis on one man. One of the students summed it up beautifully, “Anyone who confesses that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, is  born again and receives the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, and he enters into salvation. So Jesus built His church on that confession of Jesus as the Christ.”

So finally it is lunch time, we break for lunch, and eat a very hearty meal prepared by a lady from the church made up of mitoki, casaba roots, fish stew and greens – I was stuffed. Innocent by now is one of the group, chatting and eating along with the rest. And our new member Geofrey is a Godsend. The group is back up to eight by now. I think things may be looking up, but I’ve seen nothing yet.

Lunch is finished and I get up to continue teaching. However, Innocent comes up to me at that moment and explains that he has a job at 3:00 and must leave shortly, that he has really enjoyed the teaching, and that he wants to be born again. I do a complete double take! Say what? So I ask him, “You are not a Christian?” He says, “I am a Catholic. I have never prayed to receive Jesus and I learned in the teaching this morning that I want to be born again.” I am dumbfounded, though I don’t let it show on my face, I think.

Here’s the back story, which I got afterward. This morning Innocent felt an urge to go visit a friend in the community. He was walking down the road past a small walled compound when he heard a voice speaking English, and the voice mentioned God three times by the time he had walked the length of the wall. Something in the mention of God three times touched his heart, and so he stopped in the road and listened (he’s standing at this point just ten yards from where I am teaching and my voice is drifting out the window and over the wall). He said to himself, “I really don’t have a firm program this morning that I have to follow. I think I’ll step in here and spend maybe five minutes to see what’s going on. I probably won’t like it, and I’ll just leave and continue on to my friend’s house.”

So Innocent comes into the compound where we are teaching, and you know the rest. As we continued to teach and discuss as a group the meaning this key passage of Scripture that God had chosen especially for Innocent to hear this morning, his spiritual life came clearly into focus, and he knew what he had to do. I taught in complete ignorance of any of this while God did all the work.

We prayed with him right there as a group, standing around our lunch table, and Innocent received Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. He promised as he hugged me and gratefully shook everyone’s hand two or three times that he would return again for more teaching.

The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest – Luke 10:2. ‘Nuf said.