Yesterday I walked with my students from the church where we are training back into the next village where they want to do a church plant. Their objective was to do evangelism and to locate a place that might2013-02-05 16.18.58 host the beginnings of a church. They have worked this area this week after class and have led at least ten people to the Lord. Today I went with them to see some of the work firsthand and participate in the witnessing.

The first thing I noticed was the level of spiritual warfare increasing almost tangibly as we went up the dirt road further into the village area. Whatever the spirit over this area was, it did not like me or the team being there. The team, four men and two women, which had been uniformly united and cohesive up to this point, were arguing with one another, and they seemed very confused about which direction to go though they’d had a clear plan before they set out. At one point, I actually stopped the team by the side of the road and circled them up. I pointed out the strife and suggested that it was the enemy that was causing it, and then I encouraged them to pray right there, which they did. Then, the plan seemed to re-emerge and they set2013-02-05 16.19.18 off with determination.

We embarked off the main road and hiked up over a large hill, leaving the marked areas and traveling into the back side of the village on a small cow-path. After some time, we came to one small house where the path rejoined the road, and this was where a woman who had received Christ the previous day lived. We stopped by to visit with her. She shared some prayer concerns and the team prayed for her.

As we continued on, the team would split up, some on each side of the road or path we were traveling. We would approach a2013-02-05 16.27.45 house and ask if we could share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. Some would come out and say they were already born-again (a popular term here), others would say they went to the Anglican church (the only church that I have seen in the village so far), one man that we approached angrily told us he was Islamic, and some were willing to hear our message. The young men on my team led three ladies to the Lord as I stood by praying, and afterward I encouraged them a little in their new commitment, one of the team members translating.

On this next Saturday the team is planning to hold a Bible study near the center of this area and invite all of the people who have received Christ to come. We will finalize this plan tomorrow during our very hands-on classes.

When I returned to the hotel last night I encountered a series of small irritants that I have learned are a mark of spiritual attack. One by one these things are nothing, but altogether, they added up to somethin’ fishy goin’ on here. My cookpot in my room (brand new) broke and leaked watery soup out through the bottom of the unit – quite a mess. It’s been working fine up till last night. All my possible sources of internet – mine, the hotel’s, etc. – were suddenly not working again, after I thought I’d finally gotten all this worked out. When I looked in the mirror, I had a f2013-02-05 17.26.21airly severe sunburn, which was odd because I’d had my hat on most of the time expressly to prevent that. There were several other small things that all came together. That afternoon, for instance, two team members had come down with some kind of minor eye problem – one bloodshot, painful, watery eye apiece (we are having a lot of hot windy dust). Another key team member’s wife suddenly developed a difficulty and had to be put into the hospital (this happened the day before but affected the team member’s ability to serve yesterday and today).Now I’m not saying this was anything hard to deal with or was some kind of terrible attack. That’s not my point. I’m just saying it was indicative of the sort of annoyances the enemy uses to disrupt and discourage.

When these combined attacks occur, you learn to lean in, resist, and the enemy will flee from you (James 4:7). Pray for Andrew and his wife Joann, particularly Andrew’s quick return to the team. He must care for his wife as she recovers from surgery and sort out how to get enough money to pay the hospital bills. He is one of the ablest members on the team, and I have great hopes for him as a potential leader, but for the time being he is side-lined. This represents a set-back for the team that is evangelizing in the village. So hold them up in prayer, please.