I think the kids will enjoy this story. I’ve been dying to write it, but have been busy with other things. On the second of my teaching 2 weeks ago in the little church at Bujjowali, Uganda, a chicken flew in the window and walked across some piled up materials (basically junk) stored in disarray at the back of the room. She perched on a piece of wood and began preaching at us while we were in class.

We were talking and reading the Bible. I was at the front of the group sharing, and the chicken acted like she wanted to be part of the class. I have attached a recording of it here. It is really funny to me.

Chicken Preaching

It turns out that she wasn’t so much preaching as fussing. The chickens have a hen house where they’re supposed to lay their eggs. But several of the hens decided that the area behind the miscellaneous stored items at the back of the worship center would be a better place to CIMG0057build their nests. Nobody’s there most of the week, and on Sundays, the hens keep quiet because there are so many peoP1080275ple there. So up till now, no one has noticed the “secret” nests.

But when we started spending long hours in the room, talking and moving around, the hens’ union apparently decided to send their representative to confront us and tell us we need to move away from the nesting area. So, once you look at these pictures and hear the recording, you will realize that she’s scolding us rather brazenly.

The last picture you will see here is the men moving the chickens back to the hen-house so we can continue our CIMG0060lessons. Today, while I was teaching, two weeks after all this went down, two hens flew in the window repeatedly and tried to find their former nesting area, but, of course by now, the church members have cleaned all that stuff out and neatened up the area, so the hens were sorely disappointed and repeatedly chased out of the room. Sometimes while I’m talking, I will walk to the back and shoo the chickens back out the window – I have learned not to even break stride in what I’m saying while waving my arms at the hens.

On a funny note, the only day we have had chicken in our daily soup lunch was the day after the preaching incident. I wondered aloud at the time whether this was “the preaching chicken from yesterday,” but no one would own up to it.