[Uganda, January 2013] – It is summer here in equitorial Uganda, and the rainy season should start in March. However, my teaching about church planting to the little group at Bujjowali Church in Jinja, Uganda, was interrupted for an hour last week when it rained and rained and rained, a month early, Samuel said.

The problem for the teaching was not actually the rain but the metal roof on the building we are meeting in. The rain on the roof was so loud that we couldn’t even talk to each other – we just had to wait it out. I found myself after a while praying for a biblical intervention so that we could continue the training. Shortly after that, the rain lessened, and then within the hour, had reduced to a drizzle, and finally the sun came out. Attached here is a recording of what that sounded like to us. Enjoy.

Rain on the Roof