Little John on the front row

My first Sunday in Uganda, the local church-planter and pastor Samuel Wasula wanted me to preach at his church. This is the church at Bujjowali, which is a neighborhood right on the other side of the Nile River from Jinja, the city where I’m staying. So I prepared Saturday evening, and we went to church the next morning, arriving at around 9 am. After a spirited song service, I preached a message about Mary Magdelene coming to Christ in Luke 7:36ff –

v. 50:”Your faith has Worship at Bujjowali, Uganda Jan. 2013saved you.” About five people (out of around 20) came forward for various commitments like rededication, baptism, etc.

Here are some pix of the congregation worshiping. I have to say, though I don’t know the words, I love African worship music. Their only musical instrument in most of their churches is a drum, or in this case several drums,

all beating madly in perfect rhythm as the people worship. It’s surprisingly stimulating to the worship experience of praise and joy. Drummers by the Door in Bujjowali Jan 2013

Their service runs about two hours.