We spent our first week in Nicaragua this trip ministering in a small church named Iglesia 5th Libertad Bautista, which is the fifth mission of a church the Kennedy’s have ministered in repeatedly since 2005 – Iglesia Libertad Bautista. The church was a small facility with a worship room and an apartment room, too small for the school. So we held the registration at the church and the English school in a school facility “down the block.” Children's Program

At the church each morning we crammed between 130-175 children into the worship center for the children’s program. They were so excited to see the puppets and to learn some English that they literally sat in each other’s laps.

We had about 187 teens and adults registered for English classes. Out of that group there were 61 “yes” decisions made by the end of the week. That means they in some way made a commitment to Christ. We assess that information with a survey they fill out on the last day about their experience during the school.

The question is sometimes asked whether these students really know what they’re doing when they write “yes” in response to the question, “Did you make a commitment to Jesus Christ during this week.” We believe that they do understand the implications of this question because so many of them answer “no” to the question, indicating that they do not choose to make a decision at this time, or that they are already Christians. It’s impossible to know for sure what the nature of a yes response is, but that’s why Jody Kennedy only works with churches that are committed to the follow-up process. We are confident that all these students with receive personal follow-up visits from the congregation of this small church. It’s not unusual for several of these students to become a part of the church where the school is held after we leave Nicaragua.

As a point of reference, let me tell you about one of the “no’s.” His name was Frank and he was in my class. I could tell by Wednesday that God was dealing with him. He was in my upper level class, so our discussions had more meat in them than some of the lower levels of English that are learning English basics. In these upper classes we engage them in thoughtful discussion exercises that encourage them to practice using their English to express increasingly more difficult ideas.

During some of the discussions, it was quite evident that Frank was struggling with some spiritual issues as he shared particularly about his family and his future plans. He and I spoke after class several times, and I encouraged him to find his peace in God, since he claimed to already be a believer, and I told him I was praying for him by name. He indicated repeatedly that he was struggling with the world in his walk. It was obvious that he was under conviction. He made a special point after our final meeting to come up to me and tell me that he had recommitted his life to Christ that morning in his church, and then to introduce me to his mother, who asked me to continue encouraging him in Christ. I have asked him to email me so I can keep up with him.

So that’s what our week was like. Good to be here. We are in-between this week doing various things, like a 2 night marriage conference, and refurbishing supplies for next week’s ministry, then another English school next week. Think and pray about joining us next trip. You can get the schedule of trips at jodykennedyinternational.com.