We arrived back in the U.S. Sunday evening July 8,  and had a brief time home. Then we left again the next Saturday, July 14, for Nicaragua. We are here for in Managua for several weeks.

We have just completed the first week yesterday and are settled this week at the missionary’s local residence doing support type things. Also this week we will share in a couple of one or two night ministry opportunities – a marriage conference at the church we stayed at last week – Canaan Baptist Church – for one. Next week we will stay at a camp and do an English school at a very small church with a family ministry team from a church in Ft. Worth.

Unfortunately, internet has been very spotty up till now, so we have been out of contact. It is good here at the missionary’s home (Jody and Trisha Kennedy), but I’m not sure about next week. I will not continue the blogs about the Italy trip until I return and have a stable internet to rely on.

That’s where we are for now. More later.