To Italians WWII is like yesterday because of the liberation from the fascist rule of Mussolini, and then, shortly thereafter, from the Nazis’s. Charlie explained that generally, Italians love Americans, but hate our policies.

One of the evidences that remains of the war is in the many different styles of architecture in Napoli, some dating back centuries. However, Charlie pointed out to us that if a building has simple grating on their windows and balconies, then the building was damaged during the bombings of WWII and has been restored or completely rebuilt. If the buildings have ornate, scrolled or artistic-looking ironwork, then the building was not damaged at that time and the iron work pre-exists the war.

Many times we noticed these buildings side-by side, one whose iron-work shows that it was “restored” or rebuilt after the war, and one that pre-dates the war and was not apparently damaged significantly.

How little we Americans can relate to this aspect of culture! How fortunate we are!

Here are some pictures of the difference between the styles of iron-work.

Ornate iron-work indicating Pre-WWII construction