We have left Italy today and are now in Paris after traveling all day. Since we’ve been inside the European system, we have not been through any kind of customs again. Apparently, you can travel freely within Europe without worrying about customs, which makes things easier. It’s just like traveling state to state, except that we have to show our passport to get our ticket.

I will elaborate about our time in Italy more over the coming days. We are now going to meet Gail’s mother in Paris tomorrow for a vacation she is taking the family on. We will join Gail’s sister and brother and his wife in this adventure: 3 days in Paris, then a river cruise in Germany. This is a great way to come off the intensity of our time in Italy.

We finished two Life Purpose Seminars back to back for small groups that Charlie and Shannon have been working with and developing relationships with. The response was very good with lots of interest and very good questions. Some of them were very excited about the information and I expect them to continue to pursue their Life Purpose until they have “caught it.” The attendance was small but held through all the sessions for the most part. Considering that the people were not active Christians, it was amazing that they responded so well to our faith-based material, especially as I tried to tie it to having a relationship with God continually. Several of them indicated that they were greatly encouraged by it. All in all, only two bailed on the seminar after the first session – too much “God talk,” I suspect. But all in all most of the folks stayed with us.

The second aspect of the trip for us was Charlie taking us through the orientation on Napoli and Italians in general and the spiritual situation in Italy, which I have alluded to in previous blogs. We would walk through various parts of the city during the day till lunch or early afternoon, and then teach the seminars at night till about 10 pm. I will elaborate on some of the sights we saw and things we learned over the next week, so stay tuned.

We were able to stay in a small apartment, and when we went to “pay” for the week, the lady who was sharing it with us – a friend of the Worthy’s who had attended the LP seminar – refused to take any money for our stay. This was a great blessing from her and her husband and the Lord to us and a sweet act of generosity. The apartment was on the 5th floor of their apartment building and was a one room kitchenette. It suited our purposes very well and we were very comfortable there.

More detail tomorrow after we meet up with Gail’s family at the airport at 7 am, then shuttle into the city and settle into a different hotel. I’m sure they will all be a bit jet-lagged. Tonight we are in a hotel near Charles DeGaulle Airport, which is supposed to be in Paris, but there is no sign of Paris around here. The horizons are all rural farm land. So I’m thinking Paris is a bit of a ride to get into the city from here.

More tomorrow.