We finished our first Life Purpose Seminar tonight. The new system we are experimenting with was just awesome – can’t wait to use it back home without the translator.

We were working with a small, but quality group of Italians who have not yet committed their lives to Christ, but have a relationship with Charlie and Shannon. As I worked with them over the last three days in the evenings, they learned the principles of finding their life purpose. Tonight they asked the kind of questions a teacher prays for. I was able to present the gospel truths twice and solidly tie that down with them. They continued to ask deeper and more risky personal type questions about God, and both Gail and I were able to speak into their lives.

As far as commitments to Christ, we’re letting Charlie and Shannon continue the follow-up with the ones that are interested further. At the very end of our time tonight, one young lady asked a question that was quite risky for her considering that they didn’t know us very well. We were able to minister to her quite effectively, and we know this is all the work of the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the seminars the Spirit has been doing little things that I think will stick in me and become permanent parts of the LP seminar. It’s been quite an adventure so far. Last night I shared about my name, and tonight Gail shared her “rock” story. Each time, their response was amazing in that they seemed to open up after that and ask really deep and meaningful questions. This, of course, is the permission we need to share Christ with them.

I will teach the seminar again beginning tomorrow night. The first time was done in three 2 hour sessions. Tomorrow we will go to two 3 hr sessions Monday and Tuesday. We will also complete a make-up for a couple of students that couldn’t make the last session tonight. So tomorrow night, I will start at 5 pm with the make-up session, and then start the second seminar from 7:30 to 10:30pm.

We spend the days getting oriented to Napoli and Italy by Charlie, and the evenings teaching the seminar. Life is good. More tomorrow.

P.S. There is a European cup soccer tournament tonight between Italy and Great Britain. So as we sit in our tiny apartment, 5 floors up in our particular apartment building, with the windows cranked wide open to the dark night because of the heat, we are bombarded with the squeal of airhorns and screams of celebration or raucous shouts of outrage pouring out of the open windows on every side around us as the Italian team scores or is scored upon. Italians are crazy for soccer, or “futbol,” and we are right in the middle of it tonight! We don’t need to watch the game ourselves – we can read everything that is happening in the communal reaction of all these fans. That one right there, for instance, was obviously a score, while the previous outburst was a near miss.