Gail and I arrived in Naples this morning, June 19. Our flight path over the last two days has been fun and varied. We flew into Frankfurt, Germany, after an 8-10 hour fight from Dallas-Ft. Worth on Lufthansa. Then we boarded a plane for Paris where we spent the night in a hotel. Then at 7 a.m. this morning, we flew to Munich where we changed planes for Naples.

The flights were mostly uneventful, but I will write more after we get settled in a bit. This is the first opportunity to have extended access to internet, so I am taking a moment to send word that we have arrived. The airports all offered free wifi, but I could never connect enough to get on the internet. Charlie says that that happens a lot in European airports, but even when you can connect, you have to fill out a long form on the front end to get access. I couldn’t ever get even that far. Last night at the hotel, I had a clear signal and I started to write something, but when I woke up at the computer twenty minutes later, sort of drooling on the keys (TMI), I decided I’d probably better go to bed instead, especially since we had to get up at 4:00 to catch a shuttle to the airport.

At one of our gates this morning, there were stations with “free” internet, and we had about twenty minutes before we boarded, so I sat down thinking I might get a brief message off. However, when I logged on, there was a complicated form to fill out. So I plunged in and quickly discovered that the keyboards in Europe are different in small ways. So when I banged out my email address and then looked at what I’d written, it was mostly gibberish. Well, twelve minutes later, I was still trying to find the @ symbol, the period, the “m,” the “a,” etc., and hadn’t gotten through the form, so I gave up and boarded the plane for our next leg. They do this kind of thing to keep Americans on their toes, of course. For some reason, they feel the same way when they come to the U.S…. So who changed the original keyboard first? Did the rest of the world change it, or did Americans, in a fit of misplaced independence, change it? Who knows?

Anyway, we have arrived safely and are at the Worthy’s apartment in Naples. We will get settled into our own place this afternoon and visit the city later.

It is really nice to be back among so many different cultures and languages all around us – we’ve probably heard 20+ different languages spoken in the last 48 hours. It’s very exciting and gives us a real vision for sharing Christ with the nations. And it is obvious that Europe has become a nexus for the cultures of the world. Even our hotel clerk last night was from Mauritania (west Africa) but living in France.

Naples is beautiful. Much more on that later as we get acclimated. Thank you to everyone for praying us in safely here. More to come.