I’m sitting here at the airport at Entebbe waiting on a plane. I thought I’d share a funny/interesting story from Kenneth Rook’s ministry here (website at bottom in Links). He told me this story to illustrate how open Uganda became after surviving Idi Amin’s reign of terror, and then the following dictator’s reign who killed another seven million or so. After all this horror, Uganda was in a total rebuilding mode, but the people were open to the good news of Christ in a way not seen before.

Kenneth has worked in Africa for many years. On one trip to Uganda, they did a lot of walking among the villages sharing the gospel. Toward the end of one day, they were tired and getting punchy, so Kenneth began preaching to a corn field at the top of his lungs, just as a lark. His companions were cutting up and laughing. I guess this went on for 5 minutes or so. Well, as Kenneth was winding down, he was asking if anyone wanted to receive Christ and laughing. Well, three men who had been working in the field, hidden in the tall corn, stepped out and said they did indeed want to receive Christ into their lives, so they led them to Christ.

So this once again answers the question, can God use such a one as I for His purpose – His grace is big and He can use anything to accomplish His purposes.

Time to go to the gate.