A quick dash here before leaving to go out to the village of Kasambira, about an hour from here. I taught a small group of leaders from several churches who paused the harvest of their crops to come to the teaching during the day. I arrived at 9 and left at 4 and am planning 9 to 5 today. I am by myself with an interpreter. Most have some English but speak Lusogo, which is a dialect of Luganda, the regional language. There are about 40 languages and dialects spoken through the country of Uganda I am told.

I am teaching the following outline: 5 Signs of a Healthy Church: 1 Head and Purpose, 2 Authorities, 3 Servants, 4 Marks of a Mature Church, 5 Functions. So that about covers the entire New Testament. Yesterday, I taught everything from the Trinity to principles of accountability. It is
great fun and very edifying. We practice things like prayer as we go. We pause for African tea and a chipotti, and then continue, pause for lunch, then continue, and so on.

I am having to adapt my Western sense of time to the African sense of time. Africans tend to think in the NOW and have difficulty envisioning a strategy for tomorrow or the future. I thought it was indicative when I used the word plan and the translator had to really fish around to find a
word to express the idea. That pretty much describes the schedule we kept yesterday and how I expect it to go today. So once we get them there, I teach hard and fast because I’m not sure what NOW-ness will come up to change our course as we go along. I am being circumspect and general here because this is a public website. It is an amazing dynamic for a westerner to encounter – so different from the way we think.

Well, got to go eat breakfast and meet my car at 8:00…maybe.