I collapsed into bed last night after flying in from Dubai. We were all night in the airport at Dubai and didn’t get a lot of sleep, nor much on the plane. When we arrived at Entebbe International Airport we met Samuel, the main church planter here that Kenneth Rooks works with. He and his daughter drove us many miles along the shore of Lake Victoria to a town named JinJa. We are staying in a hotel in JinJa and going out to the villages to meet with the small churches planted in the homes of the people throughout the bush behind the villages. We worked around the village of Kasmira today. I sat under a tree and taught the gathered group from Eph. 5. It felt very New Testament.

When my teaching time was over, I answered some questions, then prayed for a girl who was “demonized.” She was experiencing paralysis and muteness from the curse of a local witch doctor, of which the area is full apparently. There are many goats roaming the streets and villages and my companion, a young Christian named Godfrey, told me that many of them end up sold to people who give them to the witch doctors for sacrifices. So we’re gettin’ real here. I hope to check on the condition of the girl later in the week. I am told that the doctor said he could find no medical reason for her very distressed condition, which included fever, paralysis and muteness, with what looked like bruising around the face. When I got done praying for her, she had the most beautiful smile on her face. When I had started she was barely responsive. So my continued prayer is for her complete deliverance and liberty in Christ.

The church here is very young in the sense that these are all new believers who have  been won through the church planting efforts of Samuel and his fellow workers. They know little about how to operate in the Spirit and in warfare and such, and learn as they go with their Bible in hand. They need a lot of encouragement, and life is hard for them. So I ask for you to pray for the Ugandan church.

Godfrey is my driver and translator. He speaks five (count them, five) languages fluently. It humbles me to be the mzumba (white guy) he ferries around to teach the people when he is so intelligent and on fire for the Lord and will be one of the ones who continues to minister to these people long after I have gone home. We hope to bring leaders into town from each of these churches to the training school we are holding Monday and through the week in JinJa, which will help to ground them and continue to train them in the process of church planting.

JinJa is located at the source of the Nile River! I had no idea until we drove over a bridge and they told me the Nile was to the left and the part of Lake Victoria to the right was known as the source of the Nile. Mucho impressive! Pray for me on Sunday, tomorrow. I am preaching in at least two village churches.