We arrived in Dubai a little while ago and have good internet access here. That’s good because we’re here for about 21 hours. We leave for Entebbe Airport in Uganda (the airport of the historical Israeli hostage rescue during Idi Amin’s reign of insanity) tomorrow morning, Friday, around 8:30. Should be an interesting night – a great place to people-watch, though this crowd is a bit more cosmopolitan than the NY bus station where I used to people watch. The Islamic Imam is just now calling the Moslems in the airport to prayer, singing over the PA system – very interesting.

Emirates Air is a great airline, maybe the best I’ve ever travelled on. The staff is super personable and helpful. I got to laughing with the steward this flight because he asked me to fill out a customer service survey on the airline just before we landed, and when I opened it, it was in Arabic. The next time he came by, I pointed this out to him and told him I could go ahead and check the boxes but couldn’t speak for the results. He looked at the form and couldn’t believe it. I guess he thought the surveys were all in English. We both laughed and he wandered off to find a satisfied-looking Arab to fill it out. He was from Tunisia himself, and may speak Arabic, so perhaps he filled it out himself.

Just before they take off on Emirates Air they go around and offer everyone a hot towel for your hands. The food is great. TV’s in the seat in front of you, and if the person in front doesn’t lean back, you can watch a wide selection of movies, etc. If he does lean back, then the screen is about 12 inches from your face, but then we are in economy class, after all, and a little out of focus movie watching is to be expected. The service is so good, you don’t mind much. I felt so good that when the guy leaned back, I gave his head a little massage, since it was practically in my lap anyway, and helped him go to sleep. I would fly Emirates every time if it were possible. I understand, and I think I said this in an earlier post, they are flying out of Dallas by next year. Can’t say enough about these folks.

This Uganda leg of the trip is to a mature church planting area with many leaders, so the opportunities to go out to do village evangelism is very likely. In India also, there are laws in many places against converting Hindus, so often we can work with the nationals to teach them, but they have to do the actual evangelism. It varies state to state, but the window of opportunity may be closing politically in India. The next few years’ elections will tell the story. But Uganda is still wide open, so I’m really looking forward to the next week.

BTW, if you received an email with “xxx,” I was showing the pastor and his wife how to use WordPress to build a website. I put x’s in in place of real text and hit preview. The preview function is supposed to show what the page would look like, but it is not supposed to publish to the internet. Well, long story short, somehow it did and that xxx email went out. It was for a good cause, but ….