Apologies to all subscribers who got the strange email delivered from this blog. It is now fixed on the website, but I had tried to load a picture and the hookup here is just too spotty to accomplish it smoothly. Electricity is on and off, internet is in and out, etc. With all that going on, I finally deleted the picture and reset the text. However, what got sent was a messed up version apparently from the picture deletion, so I apologize.Computers…ya gotta love em…, but hey, I’m writing from the field in India, so that’s pretty great.

I am hanging back today to prepare for tomorrow, while the others are continuing the teaching in the village of Kancharlapalem. I’m preaching for an hour three times in three different churches tomorrow – yes, they like their sermons at an hour or more. I will be working through an interpreter, so that also takes time. So I am resting up, fasting, praying, studying for tonight when I teach and tomorrow when I preach. The Lord is gracious.